Intertool Is a brand name, very well known in the market of Aviation Machines Design,where large type gantry machines have been designed and supplied to key companies worldwide for the last 30 years.
has gained reputation for the supply of advanced CNC moving Gantry machines for the aviation industry as well as building advanced tools and machine tools for general use.

For the last 10 years Intertool has been specializing also in the grinding machines industry, especially CNC Tool Grinding Machines, Dressing machines, Cylindrical grinders and surface grinders, as well as, special purpose grinding machines.
Through out all these years, Intertool has supplied various kinds of Machining Centers, CNC lathes, Universal Lathes and Milling Machines, as well as, offering machine repairs even to machines that were not sold by Intertool

Intertool employs highly professional engineers and technicians and is able to support its products , as well as, machines of its associates.

Intertool cooperates with reputable companies worldwide for trade and manufacturing,

Amongst our customers are : Airbus, British Aerospace, HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics, in
), Toolgal, IDF (Israel Defence Force), IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd) ,Iscar, Dimar , WPW, Israel Electric Corp, Israel Military Industries Ltd (IMI)  and many more.

We would be happy to assist for any equipment required. 


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